Iza effect
''I am proud that I decided to work with Mark. Through cooperation, we developed a new biocidal product, Iza Effect, which is effective but without any adverse effect on human health. This innovation earned us both the Silver Award of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia. Mark’s understanding of regulatory procedures for notifying biocidal products allowed us to enter other markets of the European Union and the Balkans. Iza d.o.o. now sells its biocidal product, Iza Effect, in several countries.''

IZA d.o.o.

Irma Vodlan
Cinkarna Celje
"Mark is committed to his work, and without having to explain he understands the problems of each company and has a broad knowledge on various substances. Communicating with him is friendly and easy, and I highly recommend him for any kind of help in meeting the requirements of REACH, CLP and related problems."

Cinkarna Celje d.d.

Boža Šuk Lube
''From the very beginning, Mark Stanojević from BiSafe d.o.o. helped us solve challenges related to changed legislation in the field of biocidal products. Working with him was the right choice, as he is quick and prompt in providing answers to all complex questions related to chemical legislation, and he also provides quick and simple solutions. Through optimum planning, preparing the necessary documentation for biocidal product authorisation and leading communication with the competent national institution, he spared us a lot of time and worries.''

Silvaprodukt d.o.o.

Gregor Rep