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About us


And at the same time raise the awareness of companies about the importance of replacing compounds in chemicals with safer and more ecological compounds. This reduces costs and increases the market, which increases the economic performance of the products.

The commitment to protect health and the environment thus brings simpler and cheaper regulatory procedures and, at the same time, new ways of using chemicals. Even more, we want to encourage the chemical industry to cooperate more closely, because with joint cooperation we can significantly reduce the costs of implementing regulatory procedures and thus also enable smaller producers to exist on the market.


In cooperation with Forum media, we are preparing training courses in the field of chemicals.

At professional trainings, our experts explain the requirements of regional legislation through examples, so that you can more easily harmonize your business with the legislation. At the same time, we inform you about important changes and new requirements that may await you in the future. This way, you are always ready for the challenges that chemical legislation puts in front of you.


The Chemical Safety research group works within the company, which deals with research into the impact of chemicals on humans and the environment. The projects we implement both with the state and other research organizations, as well as with the economy, enable us to transfer knowledge and experience between stakeholders.

In the recent period, when we are increasingly aware of the importance of protecting natural resources and when only these have an increasing value, it is increasingly important to adapt recipes to the requirements of legislation and customers.

By replacing compounds in chemicals with safer and more ecological ones, we achieve lower risks for health and the environment, which can also have a significant impact on the marketing possibilities of the product. At the same time, products with lower risks are more interesting for consumers.


In cooperation with the National Institute of Chemistry and the Faculty of Pharmacy, we conduct project selection and preparation of the dossier for a potentially neurotoxic chemical, using in-silico methods for the purpose of implementing the European chemical legislation REACH.

In cooperation with the Faculty of Pharmacy, we will conduct a project, Development of algorithms to identify endocrine system disruptors as part of toxicological assessment of a substance.