REACH Only Representative


REACH requires that all companies that place a substance in quantities of one tonne or more per year on the EU market, register it with the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA). However, registration can only be performed by EU-based companies.

Non-EU-based companies can assign an only representative, who registers the substances they manufacture on their behalf. In this case, their customers will be considered downstream users and will not have to perform the registration.

Advantages of appointing an only representative:

  • Obtaining EU market access
  • Releasing your customers from registration obligation
  • Avoiding dependency on a single importer
  • Acquiring a competitive edge over other non-EU suppliers who do not have their own registration

Obligations of an only representative

An only representative assumes the obligations of the importers under REACH

  • Representing your company before ECHA, customers and governmental agency in accordance with the rules applicable to the only representative under REACH
  • Communication with importers/customers in the EU
  • Notifying customers (e.g. quantities and uses covered by the registration)
  • Collection of information from customers (use, exposure scenarios ...)
  • Record-keeping on quantities and uses
  • Keeping the registration up-to-date
  • Reporting to ECHA or local authority
  • Data management under Article 36 of REACH
  • Coordination of activities and counselling


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